Welcome Velorutionaries!

12/31/08: If you found this page, that means you were reading the new Urban Velo (issue #11) and saw the link in the back. First, let me commend you on your great taste..the team at Urban Velo is keeping alive interesting, relevant bicycle journalism with a focus on cities where our struggle is most crucial.

Second, let me welcome you the Rushin' Revolution. We are a propaganda heavy urban bicycle movement that aims to promote the cycling agenda in direct response to our autocentric culture. Credo here.

In support of this mission, we create stickers, buttons, hats, socks and other cycling gear to help spread the message. Check out our merch page for the latest gear, including the recent (in)famous Man in Black sock design (shown below). Mention 'Urban Velo' in your order and shipping's on me..

Ride safe, ride warm, ride often..